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An extensive analytics tool to get unlimited insights from your BigCommerce store

Commerce Analytics heatmaps

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Better understand customers

Save time + money + effort

Don't need to pay for a bunch of tools to get different data & insights. Insightful is an all-in-one solution for your analytics needs

Everything you need to unleash the

full growth potential for your BigCommerce business

Crawl website's real-time data to give you deep insights about customer's behaviors and their shopping experience

Start improving your store's 

UX performance by knowing what element works best and what doesn't

Show which areas of the page were given the most attention.

Understand what your customers want, care about and interact with on your site by seeing their clicks, taps and scroll behaviors.

Option to filter the map by action (click, move, scroll) and by device type (desktop, tablet and mobile).

Know More, Guess Less

Say goodbye to guesswork, make right decisions with real-time data and accurate reports


Record shopping behaviors of store visitors in a video format, showing how they click, tap, move their cursor and navigate across multiple pages.

Know the exact journey of shoppers on your site, how long they stay and why they bounce.

Perhaps the “Add-to-cart” button is too small to be recognized, or loading the product images is taking too long? Let Insightful answers them all.

User Recordings

A comprehensive report on how each product performs on your store regarding to its Sessions, Pageviews, Orders and Recent revenue were made in a specific period.

Both product's heatmap and user records are shown in each report.

Product Insights

Divide customers into different segments (new, active, low spent customers,...) to get deeper insights and better understand each group.

Create your own segments with advanced conditions to filter targeted customers in store. Example: shoppers who already signed up, loyal customers, customers who buy 3 times in a month,...

Customer Segmentation

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