Letter to Beeketing customers
on Shopify platform đź’Ś

Dear our beloved customers,

This is Quan - CEO from Beeketing. First of all, on behalf of Beeketing team, I would like to send our sincere thanks for your support and trust during the last 5 years of going on this wonderful journey with you. From a small team of 5, we’re now a family of more than 100 members working days and nights to empower 400,000+ e-commerce merchants around the world to grow their businesses.

Having the honor to be one of the top Shopify partners that has one of the highest number of app installs and reviews, we had the chance to hear a lot of inspiring stories from you about how Beeketing has helped to make your lives easier and better. That’s the treasure we can never forget.

However, it also means that we have to work a lot harder in order to improve our apps, maintain our system so it can load millions of visits and app interactions per day. From 150,000, we scaled to 400,000 users within just 1 year, so I just wanted to be completely transparent with all of you, and I believe you might have seen some of the problems below with our system over last year:

Dec - 2016

Beeketing caused the storefront to break by inserting blanks instead of product images.

Aug - 2018

Beeketing’s apps caused carts to be emptied when a buyer tried to checkout from a merchant’s store.

Nov - 2018

All Beeketing apps were down the night before Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. All current merchants were affected and Beeketing apps could not be installed for any new merchant.

Besides, as you might already know, Shopify has just released a new AppStore by the beginning of 2018 and they have tightened their policies with app partners a lot, therefore, there were also a few times that we did not meet their requirements:

All those issues were fixed as fast as we could.

Aug - 2018

Beeketing submitted 3 apps to be reviewed for publication to the Shopify App Store. All were rejected.

Oct - 2018

In order to run holiday promotion campaigns to our merchants, we provided options to charge outside of the Shopify billing API, which was not accepted by Shopify.

Nov - 2018

As Beeketing is a platform of marketing apps, we provided an option for customers to switch apps easily within the platform. However, this was not accepted by Shopify either as all apps need to be directed to Shopify Appstore.

We did try a lot over the last year in order to improve our system so it could stay stable and support all merchants the best. We doubled our engineers, scaled up our server, tripled our support team in order to bring you the best experience. However, just as many startups out there, we understand that things can go wrong sometimes.

Due to those incidents, Shopify has decided that they will delist Beeketing from the Appstore for 06 months, starting from January 25th, 2019. Our apps on all other platforms won’t be affected.

Heartbroken as we are, considering all the efforts and contribution we brought to the community, we’re still thankful that Shopify has created this amazing platform so we can connect with our valued merchants. We take this as a chance for us to get ready for our next big things.

Don’t worry, you have my words, our words that we will continue doing the best we can to improve our apps, scale up the system, help you grow sales so you can focus on what you love, and deliver our promise - “Our mission is to do great works to make your life better and grow your business bigger”.

Customers are always our priority, therefore, you will still receive 100% free and quality support as normal. Just send us an email at hi@beeketing.com and we will be right back (or simply say a few encouraging words would mean a lot to us). All apps still function well and you can install all apps normally at beeketing.com/apps. There’s nothing to worry about

We also have great plans to create more useful products to help you more. We’ve been testing lots of new approaches ourselves during the last year to boost e-commerce sales and they are very promising, we’re ready to apply them to our next products. If you want to be the first to know, don’t hesitate to join our e-Commerce success community.

Once again, thank you so much for trusting us over the years and I hope that you will continue to support Beeketing. You have our promise to always do what’s best for our merchants.

Lots of thanks,

Quan Truong

CEO at Beeketing

Beeketing Apps Are Still Here For You

Our mission is to do great works to make your life better and grow your business better

Oct - 2017

Beeketing apps inserted scripts that affect 14 merchant stores.