Everyone dreams of money. Is it ok if it’s not our dream?

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Money has never been our goal. With us, it's only a consequence of success. So why do we do what we do?

Our goal is simple. Beeketing exists to help eCommerce entrepreneurs succeed.

We called it #BeeDreams.

We build marketing & sales apps for early stage businesses looking to maximize conversions while minimizing costs.

When we get kicked out of Shopify Appstore, the journey becomes way harder. But if we have you, we believe nothing is impossible.

Understanding the biggest pain point of small businesses is the lack of money & resources, we've spent the last 4 years to build 12 marketing apps. 8 of them are totally FREE.

And we're not exaggerating when we said that all of our apps have got their own reputation.

You built your business.

We empower it to scale.

4 years. 12 apps. 45K+ good reviews. 400K+ customers

For small businesses, money is what matters. Without money, your business will not survive.

Especially at the early stage, even a $20-per-month app – can add up your operating costs & make things harder.

We totally understand. You're not alone. 

Beeketing used to be one of these small businesses who was struggling with money and resources. We even didn't have any budget for marketing in our first days, we started from scratch and did in-house marketing only on free channels.

So, we thought, “Why don’t we use our skills & experiences to help other small businesses grow faster...for free?"

That's when our dream started. 

"You built your business. We empower it to scale."

Join 400K+ Beeketing merchants to support

Our–Your–Entrepreneurial dream

No matter where you go, there will always be challenges. 

You almost gave up your business because things got harder & discouragement was trying to knock you off your feet?

We feel you, bro. 

Beeketing got delisted from Shopify for at least 6 months. And we won't know if we can come back.

But we're facing the problem with optimism. Especially when we have you.

When you become part of #BeeDreams, you're joining a movement of engineers, marketers and product managers at Beeketing with a shared belief: 

Every entrepreneur deserves to live their dream.

And Beeketing also deserves to live what our #BeeDreams of.

If you are an entrepreneur, don’t forget: You are part of the community.

Tap in, and continue to grow & support each other, so that we can believe one day, our dreams don't come true. They are true.

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2 easy ways to support our-your entrepreneurial dream


Help us spread the word with hashtag #BeeDreams - by sharing your own dream to your entrepreneur friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Shopify communities.

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#1: Share your entrepreneurial dream with hashtag #BeeDreams

Your little message is our big motivation. We'll select the most lovely ones & hang them on our Wall of Beethoughts at Beeketing office

There's a reason why Beeketing apps are trusted by two-thirds of Shopify merchants.

If you haven't tried any Beeketing apps before, then try one for free now. 

And if you're already using one Beeketing app, try others. 

We have 12 marketing & sales apps for you to choose from. Each app has a different set of features that help optimize your sales funnel and grow sales by 400%+.

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You're the reason why we wake up

every morning & start coding

Thank you guys for everything.

Without you, there is no us

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